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Who Needs a Contractor License in California?

Table of Contents

  • Anyone who is looking to bid on construction projects over $500 needs to have a Contractor License!
  • The Governing Agency for Contractors in California is the CSLB
  • Contracting without a license in California is punishable by Law
  • It takes approximately 90 days to get licensed in California!
  • Get the Application here!
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Contractor License Requirements

Before you can get a Contractor License in California, you must first be approved by the Contractors State License Board and meet the following requirements:

  • 18 Years of Age
  • 4 Years Journeyman Level Experience
  • Signature from a Qualifying Individual: Licensed Contractor, Fellow Employee, Supervisor, Client , Union Rep etc.
  • Pass an Exam:  LAW and TRADE for General A, General B, and C- Classifications (D-Classifications LAW ONLY)
  • Valid Drivers License (USA Issued) 
  • Social Security # or ITIN#
  • Cannot currently be on Probation or Parole

In California, a Contractor License is required of anyone charging over $500 for services in the following trades:

General Engineering (A)

General Building (B)


C-61 Limited Specialty (D-Classifications)

Contractor License Costs

Whats on the Exam?

  • 115 Questions of LAW
  • 115 Questions of TRADE
  • Multiple Choice / Taken on a Computer
  • 70 % Score Required to Pass
  • You are allowed to bring an Interpreter
  • $60 Per Re-take
  • CSLB Testing Locations all over California: San Diego, San Bernardino, Norwalk, Oxnard, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and Fresno