how to pass your California contractors license test for C43 sheet metal

Pass The Sheet Metal License Test In 5 Easy Steps!

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Passing the C-43 sheet metal license test on your first try can actually be harder than you think, but if you follow these steps it can be easy.

In California, thousands of sheet metal workers apply for the C-43 license each year.

The Contractor State License Board offers 73 different classifications in addition to the C-43 for sheet metal.

Read this to see if you qualify to get an exam date.

I have helped thousands of people pass the exam on their first try, and these 5 Quick tips are based on the information I have gathered over the years that I know works.

a contractor using scissors to cut a large slab of sheet metal. contractors looking to get the sheet metal license should follow these 5 steps

1. What Is Going To Be On The Sheet Metal License Test

Preparation is everything, many tradesmen I work with apply for the exam without actually knowing what will be on the test.

Taking the time to look at some basic information about the exam is very helpful.

The exam for sheet metal contractors includes:

  • 115 Questions LAW
  • 115 Questions Sheet Metal 
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Close Book
  • 3 Hours To Complete Each Section
  • Taken On A Computer at A State Testing Center

Law & Business

  • Business Organization
  • Business Finances
  • Employment Requirements
  • Contract Requirements and Execution
  • Licensing Requirements
  • Safety 
  • Public Works

Sheet Metal Work

Planning and Estimation (25%)

  • Reviewing project plans
  • Evaluating job sites
  • Designing sheet metal projects
  • Cost calculations

Fabrication (15%)

  • Layout and pattern production
  • Processing sheet metal
  • Welding, soldering, and mechanical assembly

Installation (28%)

  • Setting sheet metal components
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Flashings
  • Hoods and exhaust
  • Metal roofs, siding, and paneling
  • Specialty and miscellaneous items

Safety (30%)

  • Personnel safety
  • Shop and job site safety
  • Hoisting and rigging operations

For a complete guide to the Contractor License LAW concepts, you must know to pass the C-34 sheet metal license test.

2. Take C-43 License Practice Tests

a sheet metal contractor pointing to something on a computer screen in a sheet metal fabrication factory

While running a contractor license school, I learned that the biggest difficulty my students faced was that most of them had not taken an exam in years.

  • Some of my students did not finish high school or had immigrated to the United States recently, and were still learning English. 

  • One of the best study tools for them was to use Online Practice Tests. Simulated online tests are based on the state exam. 

Recommended Courses

Practice Test Questions

3. When fabricating a downspout with a cornice brake, what type of seam should be used?

a) Butt

b) Standing

c​​​​) Lap

d) Lock

1. How many 4’ x 10’ sheets of metal are needed to fabricate 300’ of gutter with a stretch-out of13”?

a) 8

b) 10

c) 15

d) 20

3. Use Sheet Metal Contractor License Study Guides

Test questions are great, but relying on them as your only study source is a big mistake. If you are not into reading, you can find C-43 license exam study books in audio or video format.

Practice test questions for the pipeline license exam do not give you the theory behind what the question is asking you.

Use a book or study guide as a reference.

Exam prep books for the sheet metal license cover a wide range of topics. They can also be incredibly helpful to refresh your memory on core topics you may have forgotten.

Free contractor license study guides often cover just a snapshot of what you need to know.

Invest in yourself and look for sheet metal license study guides that cover topics such as:

  • Layout and material calculations
  • Fabrication methods
  • Hoods and exhaust
  • Metal roofs, siding, and paneling
  • Equipment safety
  • Review project information
  • Site evaluation
  • Gutters, downspouts, flashings

4. Contractor Classes

When you see the term “Contractor Classes” you should understand that they are only LAW & BUSINESS classes for construction contractors.

Contractor license schools offer state-specific exam prep classes that cover the basics of construction LAW. It is essential to understand the distinction between a contractor license and a trade school.

The C-43 license test is for journey-level tradesman who has a solid understanding of the pipeline construction trade. Contractor classes are not meant to teach you your trade.

Contractor Classes are highly beneficial for those of us who haven't been in school for a while

A contractor wearing gloves and a hard hat looking down at several papers on a table. blog covers the essential information those looking to get the sheet metal license need to know about contractor classes

Contractor Classes are:

  • Taught by Contractors or construction veterans
  • Live Instruction format with questions and answers
  • Bilingual (depending on the school you chose)
  • In depth classes that cover important exam concepts

Contractor License schools offer several services that can help you get everything taken care of quickly and easily.

Check out this article for a more in-depth look at how to choose the right school!

How to study for the Sheet Metal License Test!

You are trying to get the C-43 license to make more money, achieve a goal, or move up in some way.

It is totally understandable if the idea of taking an exam is intimidating.

  • Remember that most of the people there on test day are in the exact same position as you. 

  • The key is to get some accurate material and be consistent about studying them.

  • Professional athletes, artists, and other top-level tradesmen will all tell you the same thing. Developing mastery is about doing a bunch of little things over and over again.

5. Study!

If you commute, invest in an audio program, you can listen while you drive. If you are a native Spanish speaker and prefer to watch a recorded class, invest in a bilingual program.

There are a lot of options out there to get you the information you need to know so you can get where you want to be FAST!

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