Construction in the State of Louisiana are regulated by:

  • Louisiana State Board for Contractors (LSLBC)

The Scope of work for contractors in Louisiana is separated into four categories:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Home Improvement
  • Mold Remediation

What are the Louisiana General Contractor Licenses?

There are three classifications that are most associated with general construction work.

In the state of Louisiana they are referred to as major classifications that allow you to bid on projects state-wide. 

They are:

1. Residential Building Contractor

Scope of work includes:

  • Construction of custom or speculative homes for sale to individuals
  • Requirement for anyone doing home improvement work over $75,000

2. Building Construction

Scope of work includes:

  • Erection of building structures and related landscaping, earthwork, parking areas, driveways, sidewalks
  • Parks and Cemeteries
  • Mausoleums
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Golf Courses
  • Subdivision Site Work
  • Swimming Pools
  • Raising, Moving and Leveling of Houses and Structures
  • Demolition of buildings, houses, highway bridges and industrial piping
  • Includes residential construction of 3 or more homes in the same subdivision.

3. Heavy Construction

Scope of work includes:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Waterway  
  • Flood diversion projects 
  • Railroads and oilfields
how to get your louisiana general contractor license

Requirements for General Contractors in Louisiana

To take the Louisiana contractors exam you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Valid USA Identification 
  • Social Security Number 

You must also:

  • Show proof of financial solvency with a net-worth of at least $10,000
  • Proof of General Liability Insurance (Residential and Mold Remediation License Only)
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check

What is Journeyman Experience?

to become a licensed general contractor in louisiana you will need to pass an exam that is written at the journeyman level

Louisiana does not have an experience requirement for contractors. However the trade examination you will be required to pass will present questions to you as if you are a journeyman. 

While different regions may have varying definitions for what a journeyman is, typically this is someone who:

  • Can perform all of the duties associated with their trade
  • Has worked un-supervised performing their trade
  • Has supervisory level experience
  • (in some cases) has completed a Journeyman certification

Louisiana General Contractor License Application 

The application process for the Residential and Commercial License are as follows:

  • Step 1: 

Pass the Louisiana Contractor License Application

  • Step 2: 

Complete the Financial Statement Affidavit

  • Step 3:

Complete the Qualifying Party Application

Make sure that your application is:

Completed Applications and fees can be sent to:

2525 Quail Drive,

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

(Application processing can take up to 4-8 weeks)

The Application for Home Improvement Contractor is slightly different. 

Proving Your Financial Solvency 

the Louisiana State Contractors Licensing Board will require you to prove your financial solvency

Your Financial Affidavit must include:

  • The last 12 Months of Financial Information
  • Financial Statement Affidavit demonstrating net worth of at least $10,000
  • Affidavit must be signed and notarized

For a complete look at how the financial affidavit and required information, check out this resource.

Louisiana General Contractor License Examinations

All general contractors must pass the Louisiana Law and Business exam. 

  • Open Book
  • Computerized Test
  • 70% Score Required to Pass
  • Exam Re-takes can be done after 30 days
  • All trade exams except for the electrical license exam are Louisiana State specific tests

The LAW test is developed by NASCLA and covers a range of topics including:

  • Business Planning
  • Business Structures
  • Insurance
  • Project Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling
  • Job Site Safety
  • Environmental Safety Rules & Regulations
  • Managing Subcontractors and Suppliers
  • Financial Management
  • Tax Basics and Bookkeeping 
  • Lien Laws
  • Business Management and Contracts

Residential Building Contractor License Exam

The residential building trade exam is:

  • 80 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 4 Hours to complete 
  • Calculator Provided
  • 70% required to pass

The exam will cover the following topics:

  • Planning and Estimating
  • Financial and Project Management
  • Safety
  • Site Construction
  • Concrete
  • Masonry, Metals, and Wood
  • Doors, Windows and Glazing
  • Finishes
  • Special Equipment and Conveyance Systems

Building Construction License Exam

The building construction trade exam is:

  • 115 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 5 1/2 Hours to complete 
  • Calculator Provided
  • 70% required to pass

The exam will cover the following topics:

  • Rough Carpentry
  • Interior and Exterior Finishes
  • Concrete and Rebar
  • Associated Trades
  • Excavation and Site Work
  • Roofing and Masonry
  • Plans and Specifications

Heavy Construction License Exam

The building construction trade exam is:

  • 100 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 4 Hours to complete 
  • Closed Book
  • 70% required to pass

The exam will cover the following topics:

  • Site Preparation
  • Foundations and Piling
  • Structures
  • Equipment and Piping
  • Rigging, Lifting, and Hauling
  • Concrete and Paving
  • Marine Work
  • Project Management
  • Railways
  • Oil & Gas Field Services

Louisiana Contractor License Exam Locations

logo of the louisiana state licensing board for contractors
  • Baton Rouge

600 North Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

  • Bossier Parish Community College

6220 E. Texas Street, Building D, Room 203
Bossier City, LA

  • Delgado Community College

980 Navarre Building 2, Room 302
New Orleans, LA 70119-4399

  • Fletcher Technical Community College

1407 Highway 311
Shriever, LA 70395

  • LSU-Alexandria

Student Center, Room 204
8100 U.S. 71
Alexandria, LA 71302

  • Louisiana Delta Community College

7500 Millhaven Road
Monroe, LA 71203

  • Northshore Technical Community College

65556 Centerpoint Blvd. Room 124
Lacombe, LA 70445

  • Nunez Community College

3710 Paris Road, Administration Building Room 120
Chalmette, LA 70043

  • South Louisiana Community College — Lafayette Campus

1101 Bertrand Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506

  • SOWELA Technical Community College

Computer Center
3820 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue
Sycamore Building–Testing Center
Lake Charles, LA 70607

Louisiana Business License

If you are applying for a Louisiana Contractors License as a business, the state board will require you to have an established business entity.

This can be set up through the Louisiana Secretary of State

You will choose a name and then select the type of entity you want. Typically, construction companies choose either:

  • Sole Proprietor - License held through an individual
  • Partnership - License held through a partnership
  • LLC - License held through a company that exists as its own entity
  • S-Corporation - License held through a corporate entity
you may need to get your louisiana business license to open a construction business

For a complete explanation of the difference between these types of entities and which one makes the most sense for someone applying for a contractor license, check out this free guide!

Louisiana Worker's Compensation Laws

Louisiana requires all construction companies with 1 or more employees to hold workers compensation insurance.

This also includes LLC's. However, If you apply as a sole proprietorship and have no employees you may be exempt.

Contractors must be insured through a commercial provider, self insured carrier or through the Louisiana Workforce Commission

LSLBC Contractor Search

The Louisiana State Board for Contractors, exists as a consumer protection mechanism.

The agency exists not only to enforce rules on construction contractors, but also to ensure that homeowners are not being over charged by unlicensed contractors.

If you are a homeowner or business owner looking to verify a contractor license in the state of Louisiana, you can check a license here

Renewing Your Louisiana Contractor License

Once your general contractor license is active, you will be responsible for renewing it on an annual basis. Make sure that you begin the renewal process 30 days in advance to make sure there is no gap in your licensing.

The Louisiana State Licensing Board gives you the option of either a one, two, or three year renewal. You can access their portal here.

  • If you submit your application more than 15 days after your license expiration date, you will be charged a penalty
  • Your license will be considered expired if you have not renewed after 1 year. You must then start the application process over.

Louisiana Construction Apprenticeships

Whether you are looking to become a journeyman in Louisiana or begin a career as a general contractor, you will want to begin by mastering the trade.

One of the best ways to build a solid foundation and position yourself as a professional in the construction industry is by looking into an apprenticeship program or training course.

These types of schools can provide you with valuable training in a variety of different trades including: Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Landscaping, Painting, HVAC, Roofing, Carpentry and much more!

If you are one day looking to get the Louisiana general contractor license, you will need to demonstrate a skillset beyond just construction.

Learn about project management and other business skills.

if you would like to one day get your louisiana general contractor license, you should begin with an apprenticeship program to learn a construction trade

If you are new to construction industry and have heard the term “journeyman” or “apprentice” and are not sure what these terms mean, or perhaps where to even start.

Each state may have different requirements and standards for what is considered a journeyman, check your state laws.

To Learn more about the step by step path from an Apprentice to Journeyman!

What You Need To Know About Contractor License Schools

the truth about contractor license schools in louisiana

If you are looking to prepare for your Louisiana general contractor license exam, taking contractor classes could be a huge help. Most contractor resources include:

  • Home study materials
  • Online classes taught by industry professionals
  • Application assistance 
  • Insurance and Business services

Many tradesman find themselves a bit confused when faced with questions about construction accounting, balance sheets, workers compensation, employee rights, job site safety and Louisiana state construction law. 

These topics can be learned quickly. Studying consistently on the weeks leading up to your exam day will help you greatly.

Practice exams and study guides breaking down everything you need to know can be found here.

Construction LAW vs Construction TRADE

contractor license school's main focus should be on the law.

Most states offer several different types of licenses, so if a school is telling you it can teach you your trade, be wary... as that is not realistic.

You can however review trade concepts you may have forgotten using Louisiana contractors license practice tests and study guides.

Many excellent online resources cover the basics of electricity, HVAC, Masonry, Carpentry and much more

Check out our complete list of Trade Skills Courses

Blueprint Reading Course

understanding the fundamentals of blueprint reading is critical to passing your louisiana general contractor license test

If you are reading this and looking to get your residential or commercial contractor license in Louisiana, you must understand the importance of Blueprint Reading. 

Blueprints communicate important information about the way in which a structure is built as well as what materials are necessary or have been used for its construction.

Being comfortable with construction blueprints is an invaluable skill especially for those looking to into engineering or obtain construction licensing.

See our Free Blueprint Reading Course!

OSHA Safety Certifications in Louisiana

Statistically, 21% of all work-related fatalities are in construction.

That equals about 1 and 5 worker deaths on average.

In the construction industry, the leading cause of worker deaths is reported as falls, struck by an object, electrocution, and caught-in/between.

the complete osha safety guide for general contractors looking to get licensed in louisiana

Safety is probably the most important part of running a construction business in Louisiana.

Whether it be plumbing, painting, HVAC, carpentry, electrical, or any other trade.

If you or your workers are not properly trained, it can place unnecessary risk to not only your personal safety but your bottom line as a business. 

For employment with a licensed general contractor, you may be asked to complete some level of Louisiana OSHA Training!

Get Started!

Applying to the Louisiana Board of Contractors can be a huge step up in your career if you are looking to start your own business!

The construction industry is very lucrative. There will be more and more opportunities for skilled tradesman in the future.

To learn about getting a general building contractor license in another state you can find information for requirements in: Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California

The key is to use the information you have now and take action from beginning to end. 

If you have found this article, be sure to let us know! and check back for more updates in the future.

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