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The Complete Florida Plumbing License Guide

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Construction in the state of Florida is regulated by two agencies:

  • Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Who Needs to Have a Plumbing Contractor License in Florida?

Anyone engaging in projects to: 

the execution of contracts requiring the experience, financial means, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or, when not prohibited by law, design plumbing. A plumbing contractor may install, maintain, repair, alter, extend, or design the following:

  • Sanitary drainage or storm drainage facilities
  • Venting systems; public or private water supply systems
  • Septic tanks; drainage and supply wells
  • Swimming pool piping
  • Irrigation systems
  • Solar heating water systems
  • Boilers and pressure process piping
  • Installation of water, natural gas, and storm and sanitary sewer lines
  • Water and sewer plants and substations
  • Design and installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, or extension of air-piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen line piping 
  • Nitrous oxide piping, and all related medical gas systems
  • Fire line standpipes and fire sprinklers to the extent authorized by law 
  • Ink and chemical lines
  • Fuel oil and gasoline piping 
  • Tank and pump installation
  • Pneumatic control piping systems

A Plumbing Contractor License is Typically necessary for projects that involve:

  • Pulling Building Permits
  • Engaging and Residential and Commercial Projects
there are several areas of expertise that a plumbing contractor in florida is expected to know

Registered License or Certified License?

Plumbing contractors in Florida may apply for two different categories of residential and commercial licensing:

  • Registered License – Allows construction work limited to specific jurisdictions
  • Certified License – Allows construction work anywhere in the state of Florida

Florida Plumbing License Requirements

To take the Florida plumbing exam you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • Valid USA Identification 
  • Social Security Number 
  • Not currently on probation or parole

You must also:

  • Journeyman Trade Experience (4 Years for Certified License)
  • Show proof of financial solvency with a minimum 660 Credit Score
  • Hold General Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check

What is Plumbing Journeyman?

The Florida Construction Licensing Board will require that you have journeyman/supervisory level experience as a plumber.

While different regions may have varying definitions for what a journeyman is, typically this is someone who:

  • Can perform all of the duties associated with their trade
  • Has worked un-supervised performing their trade
  • Has supervisory level experience
  • (in some cases) has completed a Journeyman certification

How Do I Prove My Plumbing Experience to the Florida Contractor License Board?

when applying for the florida plumbing license, you may be asked to prove your experience

Be prepared to submit:

  • A description of your work experience and projects
  • Employment History
  • Contact Information of a qualifying contractor
  • The dates when your experience was gained

For a complete look at how you will need to prove experience when applying to the Florida Plumbing contractor license, check out this resource.

Florida Plumbing Contractor License Application

The application process for the Registered and Certified Contractor License are as follows:

  • Step 1: 

Pass the Florida Contractor License Examination

  • Step 2: 

Complete either Individual or Business Application for Contractor License with Test Scores Included.

  • Step 3: 

Include Credit Score, Proof of Experience, Proof of Insurance and Completed Background Check with Application. 

Applicants will be expected to prove active worker's compensation within 30 days of the Florida contractor license being issued.

Completed applications can be sent to:

State of Florida

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

1940 North Monroe Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

Florida Plumbing License Examination

All applicants must pass the Florida Construction License Exam. The exam is administered by a third-party company called Professional Testing Inc.

There are Two Parts:

1. Law, Business and Project Management Exam

There are three areas of this examination:

  • Business & Finance
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration

The test is:

  • 120 Questions
  • 6.5 Hours
  • Taken on a Computer

The test covers the following topics:

  • Determining Business Organizational Structure
  • Business plans
  • Accountant and Attorney Specialization
  • Insurance Types
  • Purchasing Materials and Supplies
  • Invoices, Draw Requests, and Lien Laws
  • Safety
  • Purchase/Order Materials & Supplies
  • Equipment Depreciation and Maintenance
  • Contract Law
  • Preparing Bids and Proposals
  • Fixed Assets and Business Allocation

Exams are held every month. 

To find out how much it costs to get a Plumbing license in Florida, check out this page for current dates and costs.

2. Plumbing Trade Exam

Some of the topics covered on the Florida Plumbing license exam include:

  • Roof and Storm Drainage Systems
  • Sanitary Drainage Systems
  • Waste Piping Systems
  • Venting Systems (DMV)
  • Chemical Waste Drainage Systems
  • Industrial Water Drainage Systems
  • Hot Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Transmission Lines (Water Mains)
  • Installation of Backflow Preventions forWater Services
  • Natural Gas Venting System
  • Sewage Disposal Systems (Septic Tanks, Pumps, Lift Stations, andInterceptors)
  • Process Piping Systems
  • Oil and Gasoline Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Steam Distribution Systems
  • Swimming Pools, Wells, and Irrigation
  • Water Wells and Irrigation Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Industrial Vacuum Piping Systems
  • Compressed Industrial Gas Piping Systems
  • Medical Gasses Vacuum Piping Systems
  • Medical Gasses Piping Systems (Oxygen, Helium, Nitrous Oxide,Compressed Air)
  • Natural Gas Piping Systems
  • Chemical Waste Drainage Systems
  • Waste Piping Systems
  • Roof and Storm Drainage Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Industrial Piping
complete guide for the plumbing license in florida. a contractors guide to the exam, requirements, and costs

Examination Waiver for Registered Contractors

If you are applying for a Registered Contractor License, you may submit a Certification of Competency instead of taking the Florida State Construction Exam. 

Certifications of Competency must be issued by a local building authority in the county or jurisdiction you plan on working in.

Learn how to obtain a certification

How To Get a Florida Business License

If you are applying for a Florida Plumbing License as a business, the state board will require you to have an established business entity.

You will choose a name and then select the type of entity you want. Typically, construction companies choose either:

  • Sole Proprietor – License held through an individual
  • Partnership – License held through a partnership
  • LLC – License held through a company that exists as its own entity
  • S-Corporation – License held through a corporate entity

For a complete explanation of the difference between these types of entities and which one makes the most sense for someone applying for a contractor license, check out this free guide!

Workers Compensation

Florida requires all construction companies with 1 or more employees to hold workers' compensation insurance.

This also includes LLCs. However, If you apply as a sole proprietorship and have no employees you may be exempt.

To see the complete list of trades considered to be part of the construction industry, you can refer to the Florida Division of Worker's Compensation

Florida Plumbing License Search

The Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board ultimately exists as a consumer protection mechanism.

The agency exists not only to enforce rules on construction contractors but also to ensure that homeowners are not being overcharged by unlicensed contractors.

If you are a homeowner or business owner looking to verify a contractor license in the state of Florida, you can check a license here

Plumbing Apprenticeships In Florida

if you are looking to one day get the florida plumbing contractor license, you may want to join an apprenticeship

Whether you are looking to become a journeyman in Florida or begin a career as a Plumbing contractor, you will want to begin by mastering the trade.

One of the best ways to build a solid foundation and position yourself as a professional in the construction industry is by looking into a plumbing apprenticeship program or training course.

These types of schools can provide you with valuable training in a variety of different trades including Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Landscaping, Painting, HVAC, Roofing, Carpentry, and much more!

If you are one day looking to get the Florida General Contractor license, you will need to demonstrate a skillset beyond just construction. Learn about project management and other business skills.

If you are new to the construction industry and have heard the term “journeyman” or “apprentice” and are not sure what these terms mean, or perhaps where to even start.

Each state may have different requirements and standards for what is considered a plumbing journeyman, check your state laws.

To learn more about the step-by-step path from an Apprentice to Journeyman!

What You Need To Know About Contractor License Schools

in addition to plumbing classes, most trade schools can offer law and business courses which will help you pass the Louisiana contractor license examination

If you are looking to prepare for your Florida Plumbing license exam, taking contractor classes could be a huge help. Most contractor resources include:

  • Bilingual study materials
  • Online classes taught by industry professionals
  • Application assistance 
  • Insurance and Business services

Many tradesmen find themselves a bit confused when faced with questions about construction accounting, balance sheets, workers compensation, employee rights, job site safety, and Florida state construction law. 

These topics can be learned quickly. Studying consistently in the weeks leading up to your exam day will help you greatly.

Practice exams and study guides breaking down everything you need to know can be found here.

Construction LAW vs Construction TRADE

contractor license school's main focus should be on the law.

Most states offer several different types of licenses, so if a school is telling you it can teach you your trade, be wary… as that is not realistic.

You can however review roof construction concepts you may have forgotten. 

Many excellent online resources cover the basics of electricityHVAC, Masonry, Carpentry, and much more

Check out our complete list of Trade Skills Courses

Blueprint Reading Course

blueprint reading skills are very important for plumbing contractors

For those looking to do pursue a career in roof construction or get a Florida General contractor license, reading construction blueprints is fundamental.

Blueprints communicate important information about the way in which a structure is built as well as what materials are necessary or have been used for its construction.

Being comfortable with construction blueprints is an invaluable skill especially for those looking to into engineering or obtain construction licensing.

See our Free Blueprint Reading Course!

Florida OSHA Regulations

Statistically, 21% of all work-related fatalities are in construction

That equals about 1 and 5 worker deaths on average. Roof repair and construction is notoriously dangerous.

In the construction industry, the leading cause of worker deaths is reported as falls, struck by an object, electrocution, and caught-in/between.

OSHA safety procedures may be required for you to get your florida plumbing license

Safety is a huge part of the construction industry.

Whether it be roofing, painting, landscaping, carpentry, electrical, or any other trade.

If you or your workers are not properly trained, it can place unnecessary risk to not only your personal safety but your bottom line as a business. 

For employment with a licensed general contractor, you may be asked to complete some level of Florida OSHA Training.

Get Started!

Getting the Plumbing contractor license in Florida can be a huge step up in your career if you are looking to start your own business!

The construction industry is very lucrative. There will be more and more opportunities for skilled tradesmen in the future. 

The key is to know the requirements to becoming a general contractor and take action from beginning to end. 

If you have found this article, be sure to let us know! and check back for more updates in the future. 

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