Electrical Trade Courses

Electrician Fundamentals

Affordable short online courses designed to teach you the fundamentals of the electricians trade. You can either choose to take specialized courses on specific topics or bundle them all together in the form of a package. Either way, the knowledge in these courses will give you the solid foundation you need to succeed as an electrical contractor.

  • Basic Electricity
  • Understanding Electrical Power
  • Receptacles and Lighting
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Control Circuits
  • Fundamentals Package
  • Intermediate Package

Electrical Engineering

Affordable online electrical theory courses for advanced electrical contractors. PDH Engineer has been the leading authority in continuing education for electrical engineers and contractors for decades. Whether you are looking to meet continuing education requirements or invest in your advanced skill set... You will definitely want to check out these easy access online courses!

  • Electrical Components - What They Are, How They Work, and What They Look Like on Drawings
  • Electrical Conductors
  • Electronics You Might Not Have Learned In College: The Electrical Toolbox
  • Overview of the Electric Power Industry
  • Radioactivity Fundamentals
  • AC Circuit Theory for Non-Electrical Engineers
  • Substations - Volume V: Circuit Interrupting Devices

Electrical Safety

Safety typically represents a significant portion of any construction related examination. For electricians, understanding the fundamentals of safety is incredibly important. This simple and affordable online courses will breakdown everything you need to understand about safety as a licensed electrician.

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California Electrical NEC Continuing Education

California Electricians are required to obtain 32 hours of continuing education for each renewal period. We offer fully online continuing education courses for the most up to date National Electrical Code. After completing all of the required sections, you may immediately print the State Accepted certificate of completion

  • 100% Online and Self Paced
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Top 5 Books for Electricians

Widely regarded as the gold standard for on the job professional electricians. If you are looking for the most up pertinent and to date electrician guide. Look no further! Table change information

  • Mathematical formulas and conversion tables
  • NEMA wiring configurations
  • Conduit bending guide
  • Ampacity and conduit fill information
  • Transformer and control circuit wiring diagrams

A must have for any professional electrician.

The most up-to date version of the National Electrical Code. Virtually all electrical contractor exams nationwide are based on NEC codes. Find the ultimate bible for professional electricians here:

A comprehensive electrical trainee guide which breaks down everything you need to know in a clear and smooth manner. This is a serious journeyman level review of the electrical trade. If you are looking to one day become an electrical contractor you must have a solid foundation. Includes:

  • Illustrated Guides
  • Expert Tips
  • Introduction to Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Theory
  • NEC Code Reviews
  • Basic Electrical Construction Drawings

And a whole lot more!

Essential for anyone looking to perform basic electrical work. Wiring a House has become the standard reference on residential

Includes up to date information on the latest electrical codes and significant revisions relevant to residential work. Written by a master electrician... while understandable for your average handyman performing electrical work.

This is a homeowner's guide to successfully executing electrical projects.

You will learn the fundamentals of choosing the right cable, wires, and other equipment, and how to run wiring through walls and between floors. An easy to follow guide which will show you how to work like a professional electrician

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