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how to get a handyman license in new mexico

New Mexico Handyman License: Just The Facts!

Is there a New Mexico Handyman License? The answer is no. There is no official contractor license for Handymen operating in New Mexico. There is however, a handyman certificate.  As long as you adhere to the following rules:You may not earn over $7,200 per year You may not engage in installation, connection or repair of electrical, plumbing or […]

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the complete guide to get the GB-9 general building license in new mexico

New Mexico General Contractor License Fast!

In New Mexico HVAC contractors are regulated by the:New Mexico Regulation & Licensing DepartmentConstruction Industries and Manufactured Housing DivisionContracting in New Mexico without a license can result in criminal charges.General Construction ClassificationsThe New Mexico General Contractor License falls under the General Construction classification: GB-98 General Building – (Requires 4 Years of Experience) Includes all work under the following […]

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