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What Does A Construction Foreman Do?

Guess how many career paths there are within the construction industry? The answer is…. a lot.  In today’s world there is still the lingering perception of the construction industry as dangerous and mainly for unskilled people with no other career options. This perception couldn’t be further from the truth. Construction trades are fast becoming the most popular career options […]

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Construction LLC, C-corp, S-corp, or Partnership?

Quick NavigationSole Ownership:​Partnership:Corporate Entity:Advantages to a Construction LLC, S-Corp or C-CorpSeparation of personal and business assetsTax AdvantagesCreation of a sellable asset The appearance of Credibility and ProfessionalismCorporate Structures for ContractorsSmall Business Corporation (S-Corp)Corporation (C-Corp)Limited Liability Company (LLC)$100,000 LLC Employee/Worker Bond$1 Million Liability Insurance MinimumPersonnel of RecordQualifying Individual$1 Million Personal Liability during Secretary of State SuspensionLiability Insurance […]

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