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featured image for a blog post explaining whether or not you need a contractor license to flip houses

Do I Need A Contractor License To Flip Houses?

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not you need a General Contractor license to flip houses.  I have worked with real estate investors, agents, and skilled tradesman all looking to get a General Contractor license with the goal of flipping houses. While you do not necessarily need a contractor license to […]

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featured image has a picture of california. Blog post about how contractors from other states can get licensed in california and the truth about california contractor license reciprocity

California Contractor License Reciprocity!

Can I use my California Contractor License In Other States? Yes, depending on the state. Arizona, Utah and Nevada all have reciprocity agreements with California. Contractor License reciprocity is an agreement between the Contractor licensing boards of two different states. It can mean that they have similar building standards, allowing contractors to work freely between states.In the context […]

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