‚ÄčCalifornia Contractor License Classifications

C-61/D-3 Awnings

A large canvas awning outside covering a sitting area next to a body of water

C-61/D-4 Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system connected into the wall next to a light socket

C-61/D-6 Concrete Related Services

concrete contractor pouring cement mix. to get the utah concrete license you must pass the pre license course

C-61/D-9 Drilling, Blasting, and Oil Field Work

complete guides to pass your california contractor license exam

C-61/D-10 Elevated Floors

Getting a raised access flooring contractor license requires that you have atleast 4 years journey level experience. a construction worker lifting up a large tile to access a raised floor system

C-61/D-12 Synthetic Products

A contractor holding down a PVC pipe while the other cuts it with a large power saw

C-61/D-16 Hardware, Locks, and Safes

A locksmith fixing a lock and door knob. The D-16 license is for locksmith businesses looking to contract over $500 for their services

C-61/D-21 Machinery and Pumps

A conveyor belt system typically found in a factory. has boxes on top being transported

C-61/D-24 Metal Products

Side view of metal stairs. one of the main services covered under the D-24 metal products contractor license

C-61/D-28 Garage Door License

Two contractors both wearing blue installing an electric garage door

C-61/D-29 Paperhanging

a very nice kitchen interior. Doing an interior design apprenticeship is an excellent way to begin your path to getting a paperhanging license

C-61/D-30 Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation 

how to get your california contractor license for pile driving and foundation jacking

C-61/D-31 Pole Installation

A flag pole with an american flag facing up

C-61/D-34 Pre-Fabricated Equipment

A brown table surrounded by black office chairs. installation of office equipment falls under the D-34 license

C-61/D-35 Pool and Spa Maintenance

A pool and spa maintenance person using a net attached to a stick to collect debris from a swimming pool

C-61/D-38 Sand and Water Blasting

An image of a contractor wearing a protective suit sandblasting a surface

C-61/D-39 Scaffolding

Scaffolds set up around a house fixing a roof

C-61/D-40 Service Station Equipment

Four gas station nozels, two yellow and two green. service station equipment contractor license covers various duties associated with service station

C-61/D-41 Siding and Decking

A wooden residential home. Siding contractors typically work in residential settings

C-61/D-42 Non-Electrical Signs

how to get your C-61 contractors license in california

C-61/D-49 Tree Service

A tree service contractor putting a large tree limb into a wood chipper

C-61/D-50 Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling system commonly found in an office building. A Suspended ceiling contractor works in a wide range of areas associated with ceilings

C-61/D-52 Window Covering

A contractor wearing blue overalls and blue hat measuring a window system preparing to install window blinds

C-61/D-53 Wooden Tanks

Two men in a factory fixing wooden barrels

C-61/D-56 Trenching

A contractor in front of a trench drilling machine

C-61/D-59 Hydro seeding 

A contractor in the processes of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding contractors must have 4 years journey level experience

C-61/D-62 Air and Water Balancing 

A pictograph of a smart house. Energy efficiency is the ultimate goal of air balancing contractors. Air and water balancing are a critical aspect of ensuring that a home is maximize is energy usage

C-61/D-63 Construction Clean-up

A dump truck and claw cleaning up construction debris. The Contractors state license board may request to see documentation of your construction clean up experience

C-61/D-64 Non-Specialized

A construction worker with a gold tool belt and red helmet. the D64 license is a classification for contractors offering obscure construction services

C-61/D-65 Weatherization and Energy Conservation

A lightning storm. weatherization contractors specialize in equipping homes for harsh weather conditions

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