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Whether you are an everyday homeowner or a professional home repair and insulation contractor, an affordable and reliable polyurethane-based spray foam is a must-have.

Finding the best spray foam insulation for window and door frames saves money in utility bills and prevents further structural damage.

Furthermore, the most impressive brands also fill gaps and crevices under sinks, around electrical fixtures, in concrete and cinder block foundations, and a long list of other possible renovation projects.

  • Best Overall

  • Runner-Up

  • Best Budget

  • Expands up to 1"
  • Superior UV-Ray Resistance
  • Strong Bonds
  • Long-lasting
  • Extreme Flexibility
With so many different brands of expanding foam for windows on the market, choosing the best option to suit your needs can sometimes be overwhelming.

There are polyurethane insulation products that come in a can while others force the customer to purchase an entire kit. 

Your ultimate selection will come down to a combination of factors:

  • Affordability
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Adhesiveness
  • Ease-of-use
  • Size of gap, crack, or crevice
  • Interior or exterior usage
  • Type of surrounding material (wood, metal, masonry, PVC, for example)

For a spray foam insulation business owner, the choice may be one that cures quickly, is easily trimmable, and allows for easy sanding, painting, and staining. After all, in the world of professionally licensed insulation contractor services, time is money.

Here are our top choices for insulating foam sealant and the reasons why we like them.

#1: Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Expands up to 1” 
  • Superior UV-ray resistance
  • Strong bonds
  • Long-lasting
  • Extreme flexibility

In our view, the Loctite TITE Foam brand is the best spray foam insulation for window and door frames, foundation cracks, and other structural repairs.

Its remarkable, multi-use capabilities make it the go-to spray foam for both everyday homeowners and professional insulation contractors alike.

With its revolutionary combination of optimized polyurethane-based expandable foam and UV-ray resistance technologies, Loctite TITE can fill gaps and cracks of up to 1” with maximized adhesion and long-lasting durability.

This airtight sealant with an easy-to-use straw applicator also bonds firmly with almost any material, including wood, concrete, metal, stone, brick, PVC, and more.

#2: Runner Up

Key Features:

  • Black in color to blend naturally with the surrounding structure
  • Interior and exterior multipurpose use
  • All-direction dispensing
  • Adheres well to rock, wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics
  • Paintable, stainable, sandable
  • Cures quickly 5–15 minutes

This aptly named home spray foam is not just for windows. Its polyurethane-based technology expands perfectly to the precise shape and size of any hole or gap of up to ¾”. 

The airtight, water-resistant seals are strong, durable, and typically cure within 5-15 minutes. Great Stuff’s unique all-direction dispensing applicator makes this product easy to apply even at the oddest of angles.

If you are the owner of a professional spray foam insulation business, Great Stuff Multipurpose Insulating Foam produces interior and exterior seals that are easily sandable, paintable, and stainable.

This black-colored sealant also bonds strongly with almost any surface, including wood, rock, masonry, glass, metal, and even most plastics.

#3: Best Budget 

Key features:

  • Prevents the spread of fire and smoke
  • 24-ounce cannister of polyurethane insulation is reusable for up to 30 days
  • Expands to fill cracks up to 3”
  • Limits airflow
  • Reduces condensation

In our view, Great Stuff Pro is the best spray foam insulation for windows, doors, and other structural repairs for customers with a limited budget. The 24-ounce canister is reusable for up to 30 days, which means you minimize waste.

The Great Stuff Pro brand has a stellar reputation for preventing the spread of smoke and fire from tighter, more confined spaces into the larger, more expansive structure.

For more conventional repairs involving gaps in door and window frames, crawl spaces, basement foundations, attic hatches, and electrical penetrations, Great Stuff Pro creates airtight and water-resistant seals of up to 3” on wood, metal, and vinyl surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Low-pressure
  • Minimally expansive
  • 20-ounce canister foams between 15-18 normal-sized windows
  • Water-resistant

For a typical homeowner searching for a reputable, high-quality expanding foam for windows and doors, this is a perfect choice. Another Great Stuff Pro product, this 20-ounce canister has enough polyurethane insulation to repair 15-18 normal-sized windows.

Creating a strong bond with surfaces made of wood, metal, and vinyl, the Great STUFF PRO Window and Door Foam Sealant also creates airtight and water-resistant seals that are long-lasting and of superior durability.

And because this window foam is specifically designed to be minimally expansive with low-pressure, you never need to worry about accidentally bowing or bending the door and window frames.

Key features:

  • Low-pressure
  • Minimally expansive
  • Concentrated polyurethane foam for smaller repairs
  • Works best with wood, metal, stone, and PVC

If you are looking for a highly concentrated polyurethane foam where a little bit goes a long way, then the Loctite brand may be just what the doctor ordered. Even though it arrives in a canister of only 12-ounces, it really packs a powerful punch.

Meanwhile, you reduce waste and save money. 

Designed to be a low-pressure, minimally expansive sealant, it’s great for smaller repairs around doors and windows without worries of bowing, distorting, or damaging your metal or aluminum frames.

With its revolutionary uniform cell structure technology, Loctite 2243625 TITE creates seals that are airtight, water-resistant, non-brittle, and exceptionally durable.

Key features:

  • Works with interior or exterior repairs
  • Paintable, sand-able, and stainable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Adheres to most painted or unpainted surfaces – even fiberglass

Red Devil products never cease to impress when it comes to quality, versatility, and durability. And unlike some of the other brands out there, the Red Devil 0908 Expanding Polyurethane Sealant is truly a multipurpose product.

Use it as an insulation around windows and doors, or repair cracks and crevices involving floorboards, ceilings, HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes, and electrical fixtures. In fact, this triple-expanding polyurethane sealant is so multifunctional that you can even repair damage in concrete or cinder block walls.

With no HCFCs or CFCs, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Key Features:

  • Great multipurpose expanding foam for windows, doors, and other minor gaps and cracks 
  • Expands to fill gaps of up to 1”
  • Exceptional adhesion for both interior and exterior repairs
  • Easy-to-use straw applicator
  • Sandable, paintable, and stainable

For smaller, less critical repairs of cracks and crevices, this Great Stuff polyurethane insulation is a proven, all-around product. Its easy-to-use straw applicator allows you to fill hard-to-reach interior and exterior gaps of up to 1”, resulting in seals that are both water-resistant and airtight.

Ivory in color, Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks also cures quickly and with high rigidity for easy trimming, sanding, painting, and staining. With exceptional adhesion and long-lasting durability, this popular home spray foam bonds well with wood, metal, PVC, and other conventional surfaces.

Key Features:

  • 12-ounce cannister reusable up to 30 days 
  • Expands to fill gaps up to 3”
  • New SMART DISPENSER applicator reduces waste
  • Forms water-resistant seals
  • Adheres to wood, drywall, metal, masonry, glass and most plastics

This Great Stuff product utilizes new and revolutionary polyurethane-based technology that reduces waste and fills gaps of up to 3” with more control, no drips, and less mess.

Its advanced Smart Dispenser feature lets you use only a partial can, store the rest, and use the remaining foam later – as long as it’s within the next 30-days.

It’s a quality choice for homeowners who need a reliable polyurethane insulation spray always on stand-by, and a professional insulation contractor will also love it for its cost-efficiency, extreme durability, and weather-resistance. 

Great Stuff 99108860 fills gaps of up to 3” and bonds well with wood, drywall, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics.

  • Best Overall

  • Runner-Up

  • Best Budget

  • Expands up to 1"
  • Superior UV-Ray Resistance
  • Strong Bonds
  • Long-lasting
  • Extreme Flexibility

Though each of these expanding spray foams offer individual features that are quite remarkable, your final selection almost always depends on the problem that you are trying to solve.

For homeowners wanting to fill a couple of minor gaps around a few windows and exterior doors, the Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks may be a very affordable selection.

If you are a professional home builder and insulation contractor, the Loctite TITE FOAM Insulating Foam Sealant might be a better choice due to its high UV-ray resistance and extreme flexibility.

Final Tips

Our final tip is to pay careful attention to the type of application apparatus used with the spray foam insulation. Many brands require the customer to also purchase a fancy gun or other application mechanism – which can increase your costs significantly.

Some products utilize a spray gun or standard spray nozzle, which may not be appropriate for the repairing of cracks and crevices in tight spaces. For the best all-around solution, we recommend choosing a product with a multi-directional straw applicator. One that is also detachable is even better.

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