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C-17 License: What Glazing Contractors must know!

Quick NavigationWhat Is a C-17 License?What does a Glazing Contractor do?Subcontractors ExplainedThe CSLBHow to get your C-17 LicenseWhat is Journey Level Experience?Signature of a Qualifying IndividualProving Your Work Experience for the C-17 LicenseFilling out the C-17 License ApplicationApplication Processing, Fees and Criminal HistoryApplication Costs for the C-17 License Can you get a Contractors License with a […]

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Pass The C-17 License Test: 3 Things You Must Know!

Passing the C-17 License test is a basic requirement for Glazing Contractors looking to expand their businesses. In California, thousands of people apply for the Glazing Contractor License each year. Passing the exam is simple if you have the correct information!The C-17 license exam is for glazing contractors who are masters of their trade. The Contractor […]

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